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                                                                                Sprouts of reflection of Giacomo Davino

The country of toys
Today's civilization of the to appear many of us, in the continuous search of the comfort and the pleasure to every cost, the ams I know refolded on him same to be incapable open to the love of God. 
The frantic rhythms, the forgeries values, the distractions, the stress and the neuroses always behind the angle, you/they have made to lose the supreme truth sense of the life,; he/she is not dark known why he exists, of it where he goes. 
Time  there is dark not for the prayer, but says among us, if really he/she is wanted, the time is found him/it. 
You thinks only to how many times go by him in front of the television that, there discharge set to myriad of obscenity and distorted messages; 
to how much time is wasted to read newspapers and magazines, floods of banality and worldly vanity; 
to how much time loses him in futile and useless discussions. 
There macaws no excuses:… is matter of wish! 
To the sunset of the life, knows departed: in the illusion, he leaves behind of if, thousand loose ambitions miserably faded away and dreams, finding again only himself/herself/itself with to fist of ash among the hands. 
Only in the prayer he has experience of God Vivo that he/she talks to our hearts and, this meeting needs to look for him/it with the whole soul. 
How much, also defining himself/herself/itself Christians, they participate in the S. Put with true filial devotion; 
how much they don't believe in the existence of the hell anymore considering her/it to small fable invented from the Church,; 
how much, anchor, considers the S. Rosary to repetitive and old-fashioned prayer, affirming that enough also only to prayer, diminishing or even denying, the continuous Mother appeals of the God's mother (in the his/her apparitions to Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje) what, warmly recommend such praiseworthy practice,… but praying gladly and, especially in family. 
Then, he is bewildered in the to observe: the society in unstable balance and on the edge of to crisis of nerves; 
I know many tottering families, under the" precise and well arranged" gives hits from the transgressive dominant cultures and,… of death; 
to lot of young people, dark disorientated dark and and dazzled by false the lights, which don't find better anything of from fare, except whether to toss himself/herself/themselves between dissipations and drunkenness in the discos (true temples of the darkness!),… jeopardizing the proper one and other people's existence; 
his/her children (… future generation!), that grow to perverse the school of characters of doubtful morality, proposed with insistence by the modern tools of communication of mass,… instead of learning from the divine Teacher: Street, Truth and Life! 
God is endless and, you/he/she chooses the small and useless things to reveal himself/herself/themselves to the hand, in the concentration of the soul. 
Just in the S. Rosary it seems to verify him sublime the evangelical exhortation of Jesus": Only who will I give small as one of these little boys it will enter the Kingdom of the skies" (Mt. 18,3).  
In the moment in which the true value of the Saint is included Rosary, it is sign that in our life you/he/she is made to great conquest,… he succeeds dark very to valorize  the small and simple things. 
Then whether to keep on crossing the street of the error?! we Follow the Virgo Maria instead, thoughtful Mother of all us, along the path of the benignity, of the true wealth, of the meekness and of the true peace. 
Our life won't be the same one anymore! 

 Small magicians, small fairies and “small devil”
By now live in to world all magic! 
The new-age you/he/she has bossily entered in the customs and in the cultures of our sick society that, you/he/she is inexorably losing his/her native Christian identity. 
All of us am exposed to the conditionings, clear or hidden, effected by the diabolic diffusers of the thought and the concepts of the" it new-was." 
Television programs, film, publicity, music, cartoons, video games, etc., macaws carefully crammed of magicians, small fairies, spirits and demons what,  introduced in deceitful and fascinating way, they macaws always carriers of “good values”:…infernal! 
To I give its expenses they macaws above all the young ones, that soaked of this new "magic religiousness", deeply antichrist (you see: harry potter, witch, halloween, pokemon, etc.) they become as" small occultists", accustomed to the superstition and the horrendous and monstrous things, with the ill-omened consequences that are under our eyes (all it takes is following half time of newscast!).   
Also the today's school, from good educator, it feeds not few, this fall of" magic mud" that it submerges our authentic moral values. 
This way  burdens scholastic Institutes have adopted, for babies of first elementary, to book of text from the imaginary title": the small Merlin", where the small magicians is to fond friend, carrier of well, that resolves all the problems of the life with its magic,… of Christian references:… not even the shade! 
It needs to protect ours small from these iniquities and, to return to the healthy one" Catholic Tradition", to the good readings, to the amusing and educational histories. Otherwise he races the serious danger to find again us, among not to lot of time, live in to society “massive structure-pagan”, under the skilled regal of the “prince of the darkness!” 

The joy of Jesus
Macaws many professed Christians, but… who has really Jesus's Christ Spirit? 
The true Christian has to live beginning from the Law not anymore, on the contrary according to the Spirit that has received. 
He lives in the deep awareness to be child of the Celestial Father. Alive without fears, anxieties or anguishes, giving unconditional and free love. 
The true Christian dares call all the men to the conversion of the heart: “it won't shout, neither it will lift the tone, it will proclaim the right with steadiness;… it won't as less and it won't get depressed” (Isaia 42,2-5). 
The signs that allow to recognize those people whom you/they live moved by the Holy Spirit will appear with long live clarity. They is the fruits of the Spirit: the love, the joy, the peace, the benevolence, the goodness, the fidelity, the meekness, the dominion of itself (Galati 5,22). 
The greatest desire of Jesus is that our heart cheers him and the reason for its arrival: it is to bring life and joy in abundance. He is extraordinarily mild in the middle of the men; it recovers the patients, it resuscitates the corpses and it is source of joy and consolation for all those that he/she meets. 
But does this joy as from where? What bond is there among this and the joy that the world Khan give? Be difficult to give an answer until the joy is not experimented given by Jesus! It is complete perfect and, it is not identical to the joys of the world. It is not vulgar and noisy, but serene reassuring and. 
It is not to feeling of exaltation, to like or comfort, but it is found in the depths of our being and, it needs to dig to fund to allow to gush out her as “alive water for the eternal life” (Gv. 4,14-15). And something that we cannot observe through the normal street of the senses, is inexpressible and you/he/she is destined to dark grow dark and in communion with Him. 
Have experience of it, it is necessary to die to itself same, free himself/herself/themselves “of the old hand” in fact, if the old hand doesn't die cannot be born the new one,… cannot be born “the love!” 
To be Christian, is to totally recover burdens old hand, of the egoism, of the really me. It needs “to deny itself same” and to follow the Teacher through her “by hold that conducts to the life!” Only I know we will experiment the resurrection to the new existence. 
To try to be Christian is not enough to participate in the Sunday S. Mass, to have burdens devotion, to participate to group of prayer or to talk of God to the others. But we have to measure us with the love and the total renunciation to ourselves, to entirely belong to Jesus and his/her Body. 
Dark it is loved, less it is observed by the tall one; dark it is loved, less he/she is judged; dark it is loved, dark it is forgiven; dark it is loved, dark he/she is listened and less it speaks; dark it is loved, dark he becomes rock, support, safety for the other; dark it is loved, dark he is true. 
Dark hooks, dear to affirm you; dark hooks, dark you become and you macaws yourself; dark hooks dark and you become light; dark hooks, less you macaws afraid; dark hooks dark and seek the beauty, the truth, the unity, the simplicity, the transparency, the eternity; dark hooks dark and spread the Heaven preoperating and him/it… already here to little! 
At times, in our myopia we think: The don'ts steal, The don'ts kill, The don'ts hurt anybody, they macaws not as the others. It will be true, but surely we macaws not to lot of other things:… macaws not as Jesus! 
 Chi welcomes the Gospel in fullness, it walks for the roads of the world with the torch from which it shines through joy, cordiality, meekness and goodness. 
How many times the Christian that is professed such, it brings him in the Church for the S. Put with gloomy torch and, it goes out from there equally with sad and mournful attitude, as if in that place you/he/she had not met his Beloved: Jesus Christ Lives and True! 
At times they seem happier the atheists and the fashionable men that the Christians! 
But Christianity is joy! And the internal recovery of our being, gradually happens, practising the filial abandonment and the perseverant prayer. 
The involution of the kind
Of frequent, listening to the discourses among the striplings in" grass", him it warns the uneasiness and the complaint The concerns around to the lack of girls for possible serious engagement,... not us neither The ams or is already hocked! Is the discourse also worth for the girls but, gives these try to The give him of it to reason and to react to this, without apparent street of exit. Certain the customs today's they don't help in the enterprise. As blame Khan be given to the desolate worn out and small poor! 
The family dark says dark and then him as the horrendous copy of that dreamt by S. Paul in his/her letter to the Efesinis, (cap. 5,21-28), in fact today the figures of his/her/their wife is introduced always as the queen of the house, of the portfolio, of his/her/their children and... of his/her/their husband,  reduced to blunder from modern means of misinformation of mass, to poor" useless servant" (... but not in evangelical sense!). 
Fit E' in, and is well afar from the term, an awkward and well articulated attempt to overturn the roles and the mutual respect to the inside of the family,… and not only! 
You/he/she could accusations me sterile of “sexist” but, unfortunately my reflection goes well over the communes, how much ill-omened stereotypes created to art by ours" mercenary keepers." 
As if was not enough, the presuppositions for macaws created new forms of cohabitation (you see the couples gay, the unions of fact, etc.… very advertise!), where the word" love" very often does rhymes with prostitution ,… and,  when ends" the carnal attraction", him return happy to the precedent! 
All it takes is doing to rapids dollied among the programs proposed by ours" dear TV", also in first evening, to become himself/herself/themselves account in comatose what is our millenaries Christian values is found; or to make to turn in bus, to go himself/herself/themselves to the job, will seem even rather strange, but unconsciously observing, the to flow fast of the images engraved advertising on the porno notice-boards in use, al term of the trip, the clean feeling will be had to have assisted to an exhibition to" red lights." Yes, since the aforesaid placards, if they macaws not crammed of burdens" modern starlet" adorned only with the classical one" leaf of fig tree", they don't get burdens effect on her" bestial psyche", inherent in the depth of the hand,... with consequent" flop" commercial! 
The know start there expeditious to footstep The pours" the involution of the kind" (anything hilts other than the theoretical Darwinist nonsense!)... the hand that becomes “beast”, with the situated brain under the surrounded one of the pant,... this is the true change! 
Dark dark and news is felt often, around reports that snow for presumed maltreatments to our believers friends pups of dogs or cats; but dark anybody scandalizes him for the silent slaughter of as" man's pups” in the maternal womb! 
If someone among us, then, blackberries" unprovided", he/she invites gracefully, an unaware interlocutor to the constant prayer, for the resolution of his/her problems, looked in comes" at first with hostility" (... to stay in theme) and,  then hissed as “incurable bigot.” In fact, the values macaws well other to which to make blind reference in this society, dark dark and absorbed in the densest darkness:... the sex, the money, the career etc... There is no denying it,... he is really doing an excellent" The works!" 
Fortunes that Maria S.S. is not anchors gotten tired to visit us!! 

                                                     The drums already roll
                                                                     (24 november)
Around... for the roads of our cities and, in the means of communication of mass, they macaws him" heating the motors", it already feels to make him from as" the to roll of drums" that they invite the unaware Christians and not, to get ready himself/herself/themselves:... by now the time he does brief,... be time to begin to put hand to the portfolio! 
It is about to draw near the S. Christmas, Christian recurrence that for The know many unfortunately you/he/she has assumed another meaning,... it is not the Christian festivity anymore for excellence, the memory of the birth of N.S. Jesus Christ, that should be lived to the insignia of the spirituality and the concentration; such" birthday party" of the King of the Re, it is dark becoming dark and her..." native dad's party!" 
To way like an other for stress him same ,... taking of assault the shops and to void him the pockets. At the most, those of good wish, sis remember to go to the Church on December 25. But then, all reduces him to great run to the consumption .  
And' comes the moment,... and is this, give to turn to our life and to learn to refuse this not-cultures of the forgeries needs and of the forgeries values! 
Ours “hostile”, little by little,… year after year, with the complicity of the" his/her children", you/he/she is transforming the sacred atmosphere of the Christmas times in one" uproar" without street of exit... this way, also who looks for somehow to throw out him of it, his/her it is forced although to succumb to the stereotypes and the increasing impulses that make the days of party to real" ordeal": raced to obstacles to the ephemeral good as the last model of cellular phone, of automobile, of computer, of signed head, of fur etc.; ... and dinners has been having lunch for thousand and to night, traffic city and “traffic of thoughts” for the inevitable one “exchange of the regal” . 
Certain, only to think of us, to dark the sensitive you/he/she can come her/it goose bumps! 
Is not The know for us, in the days to as we rediscover the true value to be children of God, and... brothers of Jesus that he makes hand for us, to give everything itself same, to give us the true Life, that that not it ends never. 
We try to stay close to Him in cheerful silence, burdens that He will fill us the heart of Your delights macaws also... what, then they macaws the true gifts, immense those of value what nobody can bring us street! 

The peace of the heart
All seek the peace: feel the demand of it, is to necessity! 
Many among us however they prefer the terrestrial calm. They avoid the true peace of the heart, of the mind and in the relationships with the next one. 
The know many others then enchanted by the worldly falsehoods, from the sex, from the drug, from the career, from the politics, etc., they don't know how to recover the truth anymore" center of his/her own existence", if not in something that to momentary satisfaction of his/her own needs brings; The know, punctually deceived, they end up losing the peace and to make to lose her/it. 
The heart of the hand doesn't have peace because has lost God! 
This is worth for everybody, also for the one who declares believer, but in alive reality without faith and, then doesn't have experience of the divine love, staying The know deprived of the true peace. 
Today of pace him needle to big to speak: demonstrations, conferences, reunions, etc., but often the word peace, plays again in vain way, without criterion or used for other ends. 
True peace is not that of" human bewitches", the peace of Maria, Regina of the peace, is not that of the distort pacifist! 
To lot of often the offenses, the injustices and the contradictions Khan be torments for the peace, if lived with plain of revenge and obstinate grudge; but if we damp the restlessness, the egoism,  the pride and, we live her with patience, humility and pardon, the sweet divine puff of the peace it will cheer our spirit e that of our brothers. In fact, who dark suffers it is not the hated person, ma  he who hate, which, it consumes him in the ardent fires of the sadness and the resentment. 
The authentic peace of the heart and the mind, is that that the whole being pervades, you/he/she is anticipation of the eternal peace; it actually illuminates the soul to make her/it becoming reflex of God and, of Your immense love. 
We will be men of peace, children of the Tall one, in the same instant in which we will return in authentic and irreversible way to God Padre, through the filial abandonment and the prayer of the heart. 
" You have done us for You Mr., and our heart is uneasy if doesn't rest in You!" 
(S. Augustine). 

                                                          The deceiver

Nearby to the pressing exhortations formulated by our Celestial Mother to Medjugorje I concern to the prayer of the heart, the thing dark that me curious to the beginning, was the exhortation to extinguish the television! 
Before I sincerely wondered me how as the Sky interested him burdens television programs, then with to spend burdens years me made son The counts that that application of Maria S.S. was everything anything hilts other than unfounded....! 
Here macaws burdens messages that make reference to the television: 
Message of December 13 thseses 1983 
You Extinguish the televisions and the radios, and you follow the program of God: meditation, prayer, reading of the Gospel. Prepare you with faith to the Christmas! Then you will understand what it is the love, and your life will be full of joy. 

Message of October 30 thseses 1983 
Because you don't surrender you to me? The know that you pray for to long time, but abandoned you really and completely to me. You submit your worries to Jesus. The I give The give give you listen to what he tells you in the Gospel: “Who of you, for how much is given by to The give, Khan you/he/she add an halo hour to his/her life?” You also beg the evening at the end of your day. Take to seat in your room and you tell your graces Jesus. If to the evening watched for to long time the television and you read the newspapers, your head will be filled only of news and of The know many other things that remove from you the peace. You will put to sleep you distracted and to the morning you will feel you nervous and you won't feel like praying. It is in this way there is no dark place for me and for Jesus in your hearts. If instead to the evening put to sleep you in the peace and praying, to the morning you will wake up you with the turned heart to Jesus and you Khan keep on begging him/it in the peace. 

Message del 13 February 1986 
“Dear children, this Lent is for you to special stimulus to the change of life.  You start fin from this moment! You extinguish the television and you leave apart the various things that macaws not useful for you. Dear children, invite you to the individual conversion. This time is for you! 
In effects the television, the remove and internet, are the means of social dark communication powerful persons of today. Many believe only in what you/they see in television. They say" we have seen him in tv”, forgetting the possible ones and nearly inevitable manipulations. 
And' pacific,... by now everybody they know that the means of information of mass (except the two exceptionses), they stubbornly spread messages in open contrast with the millennial Christian values. Be enough to turn on (but The don'ts recommend him/it) the television to ascertain what The affirm": only who doesn't want to see doesn't see!" 
The have known then brothers in the faith that you/they have taken to the letter the exhortations of our celestial Mother, eliminating the tv from their residences. Believe me,… The also consider this to great received grace! 
Have you ever thought that the most greater part of our day we spend out her house to work, to study, to make sport? The evening we return home, we say in front of it of the newscast and then, all in front of the video up to when, almost fainted, drags there in the bed. 
Observing the palinsestis, The noticeds that, from years by now, the channels macaws divided the public transmitting programs precise destined to well categories and they transmit programs that bomb adults, boys and children with to" mega-nothing" bright and colored, dark dark and attractive and sensual, and The know street... If you think that in every family they macaws by now there at least two televisions the omelet you/he/she is done: 
To family-type with mother, dad, to child and to daughter, that speaks of it is not seen the whole day because his/her parents to the job and his/her children in school and then in gym, and then in swimming pool or even in front of the TV for the whole afternoon, in the only time to disposition to be together him it will find again uniform, every in front of his/her own television, every in front of his/her own preferred program...   and will keep on not speaking...! 
This my is not to sociological study, The ams simply him/it aware of it living, and listening to the people that The know, The have discovered that it is The know almost for everybody, and the sociological studies confirm this tendency. 
The television has the tendency to give the impression of to direct taking on the reality, to be one “window on the world” substantially neutral, but it is instead to “talked” built and elaborated by to number to lot of meeting place of people, infinitesimal in comparison to the number of the spectators. 
It is served as an elite, and it is inevitable that in it filters attitudes, prejudices, ideas, opinions that macaws 
proper of this elite and that they macaws strongly usually different, from attitudes and beliefs of the big majority of the population. 
By now… to that it serves the TV? 
- To divides the families,… this is shown; 
- it serves to the illiterate and the immigrants to learn Italian; 
- to the housewives to become distracted him and to become stupid with the multimillion games, motley and full of to depth nothing but all sequins and paillettes; 
- to the thirsty ones of news and of novelty to learn things that in maximum part they macaws not true; 
- to sensorial the ones and the excited ones, that macaws nourished of films of all the son-in-laws, and that they grind the teeth or they cry of emotion in front of the TV, while in the daily life they macaws indifferent to everything, or… naturally they don't have time for other,; 
- to his/her parents in career, that you/they park his/her own children in front of the TV asking then himself/herself/itself because they don't succeed in understanding them; 
- not to think...! 
That apparent relaxation that tries him in front of the television, that relaxation, that joy, other is not that the miserable substitute of another thing, of to treasure, of to precious pearl: of the pleasure to use his/her own time, of the pleasure to cultivate the relationships in his/her own family, to speak, to play, to phone someone who you had not felt for months and also... because no? … of the Peace that tries him in the prayer of simplicity and in that of quiet. 
The prayer recovers The know many stortures of our character: who is pessimistic it becomes optimist; who is closed it opens to the others; who sees everything black it starts to see the light; who is discouraged it takes back courage; who is thoughtless it starts to think and he to understand who allows to live it grabs to good time the rudder of its boat... All changes, without anymore the leprosy of the ingratitude. 
The don'ts say to fall to pieces himself/herself/themselves burdens television, but to lose that deleterious habit to make him/it the essential element, always, inexorably power on, and omnipresent, that accustoms us to suffer rather than to The give, and that it deceives us doing of us burdens televiewers, of the spectators and not the protagonists of our life. 
Let's extinguish him/it, attending that the heart of the humanity both burdens sweetened and transformed, knows that also the television you become to valid and strong tool. 
Extinguish him/it, and then, caressing him/it, day also to him: To maiora! Good-bye to that day! 
                                                  The meeting that saves
There is to very beautiful episode in the Gospel of Giov. (3,1-21), that brings the meeting of Jesus with Nicodemo: to hand of cultures and head of the Jews, probably the most elevated person, dark educated met by Jesus. 
And' to person in search, therefore it brings at night him from Jesus, to have to calm and extended interview with the Teacher. Him same it opens the dialogue expressing to measured and prudent appreciation toward Jesus. Not sà to tell other titles Jesus if not that of" Rabbì" (Teacher), contrarily of Natànaele that after few wisecracks, not only calls Jesus" Rabbì", but exposes him exclaiming": You macaws the Child of God! You macaws the King of Israel" (Giov. 1,49).
Nicodemo, in this stadium of his/her life, you/he/she has not understood yet that owes to abandon the intellectual level, the philosophical cultural discourse, if he/she doesn't want that they become to jail. To" hand of good wish", therefore that, however it is also the mirror of our slowness, idleness, of our resistance to the grace. 
He/she would like to find the Truth, but you/he/she is held back by internal blocks. 
Also we desire to open us to the Light of the Verb done meat, however we need purification, that us free from closings and prejudices. To the spiritual beauty of this person in search, that brings him from Jesus, it makes comparison the shine of Jesus of Nazareth that, also owing himself/herself/itself to deal with as people, reserve ounces of patient dialogue, deepened for Nicodemo. Even if these, at the end of mute the dialogue stays in front of the dizzy heights of the words of Jesus! That night time interview had given its fruits, the words sowed by the Child of God were budded in its heart, knows much that won't leave anymore Jesus, even in the difficult hours of the passion and death of the Christ (Giov. 7, 50-52) (Giov. 19,39).

The Mr. Jesus pushes us to humble and simple attitudes: to leave to be created by the tall one, to submit him to Him that you/he/she is raised for us, contemplated to the love of his/her/their Father that loves The know much the world, to live in the joy for the gift of God that free you/he/she still loves us first that know him/it and we have experience of it, this you/he/she is the soul of the Christianity. 
Up to when we won't concretely have experimented the fidelity of God that he expensive takes of us, we will have problems to believe really and to abandon us to it. 
Let's be hard heads, at times the Word of God is not enough for us, let's want to see at least to pò before believing! 
But it doesn't deal with experimenting before believing,… it needs first to believe, to make actions of faith, and then it will be experimented. 
We Khan verify only the support of God in the measure in which we allow him the necessary space in which to be able him to manifest. 
Se  to person that has to jump with the parachute won't be thrown in the void, you/he/she cannot feel that the ropes support her/it. It needs first to make the jump,... subsequently it will feel only him brought. 
This rush consists of definitely breaking with the habit to resolve all departing from him same exclusively making trust in his/her own strengths. It deals with doing to" jump" in God, opening himself/herself/itself to the grace and, when it finds us among the arms of his/her/their Father, it is the moment to submit him every worry, every disturbance and each suffering,... and there is not" sets" dark beautiful,... where who" enters" doesn't leave him/it anymore! 
Only I know God Father Khan intervene in to act human and to grant Your help. 
This constant attitude, of confident and total Divine abandonment to the Wish, there fill the heart of peace. 
Nothing of ground Khan fully satisfy never us, nothing and nobody consoles us; all the fantastic castles get off him and they inexorably collapse. 
We macaws as small birdies that flutter anxious when they look at the magnificent flight of the Mother. If we will be" small children" of Maria, in prayer and abandonment filial,  we will meet Jesus Christ, Your Charity, Your friendship, the Her Peace,... immense the your love!  

Christian vacations
(28 June)

There macaws mornings that allow to presage the heat that will pour again him on the things and on the people in the day, without respect for anybody,... that you macaws in vacation or have remained in the city. 
The churches macaws desert, rather destroyed by the believers;... The have also thought": The know much they macaws in vacations and needle to heat... there will be time to go to Mass, to pray." But the Lord doesn't go to vacations! 
Only few person of fixed habits occupy the benches of the parishes, for the most elderly suits of light garments and as soon as decent, the torch fanning himself/herself/itself with the leaflet of the liturgy or with the book of the songs, puffing every now and then. Out of there, people's hordes still dressed of less decent garments, you pour again on the beaches, to refresh himself/herself/themselves with the water of the sea, to tell himself/herself/themselves what Khan tell us, to look and to be looked, to think to day-dream to sleep. 
Yet if The stays me an instant to reflect, in the silence that reigns in that afternoons of sun, when only the crickets and the lizards have the boldness to challenge The know The centigrade know many degrees, macaws not able not to tell me": Someone, is continuing now also to love you." He has never neglected an instant of your life, you/he/she has not lost you sight to moment, to rest you/he/she is not granted, of it The know much The leads to vacation to be you The always place side by side. From hand, you/he/she has also known Him the warm one and the cold, the thirst, the hunger and the satisfaction, the tiredness and the rest, the vigil and the sleep, the joy and the sadness and to lot of other things that you have had the fortunes not to experiment; he/she knows everything about you and not to disappoint yours attended, doesn't stop ever following you,... never. 
And since it knows all of your limits, your defects (understood burdens small sin) and,... your scarce faith, to greater reason for these motives it never dissuades Your look from you. Don't forget the The know many times when you have been taut out of the troubles; thing would have been of you if in those occasions the Lord was found in vacation? 
Even if the impetuousness of the sun in summer cooks the bricks of he/she asked her, in that dark silence imaginary and internal what it is of the truth, grant not to be you in vacations at least with the mind, with the heart, with the soul; he/she thinks sometimes Him you/he/she has thought about you, and also to think about you, has not gone to vacations. 
There is to sentence of Levi Tolstoj that, in his/her immediateness, it illuminates the mystery of the hand and his to act. “The whole evil of the world” he/she writes the Russian novelist “it derives from the fact that, in certain circumstances, believes him to be able to The give to less less than love.” These words macaws found in the novel Resurrection and they refer to the watches that, escorting the prisoners destined to Siberia, they allowed him every sort of cruelty. 
Leaving the colds siberians for our torrid summer seems me to be able to gather in the quoted thought to valid principle for the one that, in the period of the vacations, “he/she believes that can be done to less less than be Christian.” 
Mr. Wood wrote that the vacations macaws the vintage of the devil. Strong sentence. But it didn't have all the blames. Dark than vintage of the devil The would say “beta bench.” 
The Gospel is always Gospel, anywhere you/he/she am found there: to school, to the job, on to beach or to Paris. Who chooses Christ it chooses him/it 365 days the year. 
Faith doesn't go to vacations! Rather I believe, that the vacations Khan be an occasion to occur again himself/herself/themselves and to have new spiritual experiences, meeting, for instance, new parish communities and acknowledging himself/herself/itself the poor men that, also in the places of tourism, they remember us the torch of Christ. 
To be Christian on vacation test is of maturity. It sometimes asks for to go countercurrent because, the friends with which we share relaxation and rest, don't think perhaps, her as us. 
Continuous To be Christian on vacation test is of maturity because he/she asks us to testify with coherence what we believe and we try to live. And the coherence is to value that doesn't pass unnoticed.
                                                         The wonder of the Saint Rosary
The S. Rosary has the power to perfume of virtue our life and our serene death to make. It infuses great relief and sum trust in the hours most difficult of the life and in the deepest anguishes. 
Who illuminated by the grace, he/she understands the depth meaning of every word of the Ave Maria that in the Saint Rosary repeats him, to manner of arrows that you/they reach the heart of his/her/their Mother, you/he/she cannot get tired, but to every repetition it perceives, in increasing way" the sweet odor of Christianity" that it emits from every word, la depth of the mysteries in it contained, the sweetness of the union with the Madre Celeste and our Lord Jesus Christ. 
In the year 1880, the blessed Bartololongo, founder of the sanctuary in Pompeii, launched this cry": brothers, let's performances the Rosary! The crown of Maria has to be our salvation..., but we have to performances in common her, in our family, because then the prayer dresses again to public strength, constant, unanimous.” 
That cry, always actual, salt today as remedy of salvation of the human family. 
Bawls give and from the examples of Pontiffs as Pope Giovanni Paul II, of Saints, from the same revelations of Maria SS. to Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje (only to quotas burdens most famous of it!), the warm invitation reaches to take the humble crown among the hands, to establish to connection of wedding between Sky and earth. 
The S. Rosary complete is to prayer, because it harmonizes in the simplicity the mental and vocal prayer. We Khan affirm that the Rosary is the" Maria's Gospel", his/her Mother's prayer together with his/her/their children and, the various apparitions, the graces, the recoveries of the body and the spirit, the vocations, the pardon... what sublime they accompany such practical, the ams not anything hilts other than part of the" great things that the almighty one has completed in you" (Lc. 1,49): mother of Jesus and our Mother. 
The harmonious song of the S. Rosary should play again dessert as sonorous column for us children, very estranged and absorbed in to materialistic society and secularized, as that actual. 
They macaws devalued and you abandon ounces the pious Christian practices of, while there is being tied up" to double thread" to the flow of the ideas and the feelings of the century. 
What to positive wait us of from this third millennium future and from our? 
Until will attend from the outside events that change us the life, our existence won't be never as desire her/it to us! Because it is not" out" that the answers macaws found, but inside ourselves. 
If after all, all we wish what the world changes and best, because the things seem to go downhill, dark dark and? 
The pleasure is lost to live (you see anxieties, neurosis and depressions spreads,... also among the teen-agers!), to taste until after all the beautiful things of the life. With the time, slowly but inexorably, he becomes as" puppets" that they race madly,… and without destination! 
It is not dark had time at all,... The know much less for He who cares in life:… for God! 
While to long time needle, the S. Rosary illuminated our roads, our houses, our heart and, it gushed out as to source in certain breaks of the day; now fallen in the net of the business, of internet, virtual of “the loves”, of the cellular phone, we have estranged from the first one and necessary bargain there: the communion with God Father and with his/her/their brothers. 
Both of new the Saint Rosary, to chain of love, as in the best times; the prayer of the family and the community of prayer . 
Let's use us to cares divisions and wounds, to promote that that it unites us and to remove what divide, " armed there" as wished by the great S.  Pious from Pietrelcina, of the holy crown of the Rosary,... we immense accumulated will an treasure in Sky and great serenity on this earth of exile. 

                                                          Carpe  Diem
Carps diem....: in extreme synthesis Khan be defined him/it as the witticism" malignant" dark used on the mouth of those people that macaws to the service of ours" greater enemy!" 
You gather the instant, not to postpone to tomorrow what Khan I give today, not complicated to you the life with useless frills as the ethic and the religion, allowed to go, you I give what you want:... they macaws all common places that send forth to strong" odor of sulphur!" 
They invite not to think about the consequences of his/her own actions, to extinguish the conscience, to run away from the responsibilities, to leave to race on everything, without worrying too much himself/herself/themselves about the really operated. 
As the to try for game, amazing substances from the teen-agers:... try him for the taste to I give something different, because him needle the “flock”,... what will be never to smoke light drug?! ...then he remains later bogged, with the neurons asunder, only for him " whim" to infringe the" rules" engraved a fire in his/her own heart! 
How much mixed superficiality to irresponsibility that there is around, destroyed families for to whim,... for an instant of illusion. Broken hearts and “souls in coma", subjugate and redoubts to larvas for inconsiderate the satisfaction of impure desire…! 
Let's not make us illusions, this type of “thin temptations” you/they Khan be unmasked and to win, only if we stay united to Jesus and Maria. 
And an effectiveness “antidote” to these “unhealthy thoughts”, it is the assiduous prayer and with fervor …especially the S. Rosary! 
                                                         Prayer and Truth
In the last decades of Christian history, he is assisting to the systematic to water and abandonment of any pious Christian practice as if someone or something he is appropriating and deceitfully twisting, the it immortalizes Truth revealed us from Our Lord Jesus Christ when it visibly resided among us. 
Sometimes, (...dark dark and often!)  there am novelty from burdens" illuminated" (... but he/she is not known from who!) and" modern theologian", or" employee", open  around theories and regarding our Faith that, then they macaws revealed in depth contrast with how much taught and handed down by the first Pope and by his/her authoritative successors, and confirmed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 
Here only burdens examples: 
- it is openly denied by now the existence of devil e of the hell, provoking disarming disconcertment and suffering among the" true Christians", while the Sacred Writing (from the Genesis to the apocalypse), he/she speaks to us frequently  of the malefic action of “that to be perverted”, as defined by the Pope Paul You, what it provokes discords, temptations and evil of every kind and kind; 
- it is assisted to the by now spread degradation Eucharist . 
In fact, always dark happens often to enter Church and not to know anymore whether to kneel, in how much the tabernacle is decentralized and sideways moved or even moved to the other center; not to speak of the moment of the Communion Eucharist, when it is assisted to real to follow him of sacrileges, with the fragments of the consecrate wafers that fall to the ground during the distribution, for the absence of the" regretted" veil or saucer and, you/they macaws consequently stamped on from unaware faithful.  
To the striplings of the catechism doesn't as almost anymore then, taught the genuflexion in front of the Holy one, and at times is seen them return to the benches toying with the particle among the fingers! 
While after the Communion, the necessary silence to the internal dialogue, is brusquely interrupted by the" notorious" notices. 
- he/she is denigrated with “enough giggles”, the praiseworthy prayer of the Saint Rosary, defining her/it repetitive prayer, boring and medieval good only for the small women of people; 
- it is tried to justify certain behaviors, repeatedly condemned from the Church as: the abominable crime of the abortion, the divorce, the pornography, the masturbation, etc.; 
- it is cleverly tried to level all the religious faiths, affirming that in each to piece of truth Khan be perceived, creating to" mixed fry" of religions, in perfect style of religious admixture new-age. 
- it doubts the authenticity of the first five books of the s. Bible, defining them antiquated and symbolic,… mining I know the foundations of our faith. 
Other and so many absurdities antichrist of the kind. 
But the Gospel teaches": Bewared you of the forgeries prophets that as to you as sheep, but inside they macaws rapacious wolves. You give them fruits you will recognize them" (Mt. 7,15-16);
"The beg then me brothers, of well to beware you of those people that provoke divisions and obstacles against the doctrine that you have learned: hold you distant from them" (Rm. 16,17);
"I know, if also ourselves or an angel from the Sky preached you to different Gospel from what have preached you, both anathema!" (Gal. 1,8).
All of this, thinks that it originates from him/it" spirit of the world", that is creating to sort of “parallel cultures” in open contrast with everything that that, somehow, he Khan go up again to our Lord Jesus Christ that, besides there he has put in watch with his enigmatic expression: 
"When the Child of the hand will return, he will find the Faith on the earth"?   (Lc. 18,8)… and, from the lack of spirit of prayer. Also from the clergy,… he studies God, God is preached, God is taught, he discusses of God; in the Gospel and in the Writings he is read of God; yet the spirit is arid without devotion. To lot of science and no prayer; the whole nourishment is for the intellect, nothing for the wish. 
Our dependence from the Lord, is essential, absolute and continuous instead. Because therefore don't hold the turned look to the sky to praise, bless and to glorify divine the Goodness?! 
To you, that have not prayed for I know much time anymore and you have lost trust and hope in God Padre; 
to you, that feel yourself" too to do" and only in your problems of every day; 
to you, that alive God as to reality too detached by your life. 
The answers: 
what the prayer is not everything, but that everything has to start from the prayer; 
what to the Lord Jesus Christ, Street Truth and Life, it is the only Teacher of prayer and, giving us the" Our Father" you/he/she has wanted to teach that the prayer is love; 
what our model of perfection of vita in pardons, it is the Immaculate Holy Virgo; 
what it grows in us the desire to pray: 
if we grow in the love 
if we grow in the separation from the evil 
if we grow in the fidelity to God; 
what to stay standing under the hits of the life, needs to learn to put on in knee; 
what the "Prayer of the heart" è  the direct street that makes us experiment the love of God for us; 
what who learns to pray, it learns to live; 
Because the prayer changes our life! 




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